DOTCAN Promoting Safe, Secure and Sustainable
Blue Economies
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It is important to bring an innovative and integrated approach to issues
related to coastal communities and the sea, its environment and resources in their
various capacities and ensuring the interdisciplinary between the various
sectors promoting a balanced social and economic development.  
His Excellency Paulo Veiga, Minister of Maritime Economy, Republic of Cabo Verde
Understanding and Protecting
the Marine Environment
"Technology and innovation are essential drivers
to tackle poverty, drive growth and achieve sustainable
development across Africa. "

Ikechukwu Adinde, Capacity building in Africa as an essential driver of growth,
International Telecommunication Union (UN ICT agency) 2020

"Canada is proud to be an oceans leader and is ready to lend our support for
stronger ocean science and sustainable management. We remain committed to
taking action and working with our global partners on ocean protection and governance, in order
to preserve and protect this shared resource for future generations." 
The Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Former Minister of Fisheries,
Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard, Sustainable blue Economy conference, Nairobi 2018


A Cooperative Canadian Contribution to a Global, Secure and Sustainable Blue Economy


DOTCAN is a grass-roots initiative which was stimulated by the Sustainable Blue Economy Conference held in Nairobi, Kenya in November 2018. The initiative builds on commitments made by Canada at that conference and will be a concrete implementation of Canada’s Ocean Strategy, which is based on principles of sustainable development, integrated management and the precautionary approach. Initially, this multilateral, multisectoral and “joined-up” initiative will build on links between Canada and West African nations as well as existing international partnerships, and will have three main focus areas:

Training in ocean-relevant technical and business / entrepreneurship skills
Regional ocean business development
Maritime security training and cooperation

Why West Africa, Canada and the Ocean?

Africa has enormous potential for economic growth and development of new markets, including for Canadian goods and services as a result of its current and projected population growth (from 1.3 to 4.3 billion people by 2100; “UN-WPP (2019);”) and rapid urbanization. This growth is heavily concentrated within the coastal nations and new megacities of West Africa which share a dependence with Canada on the Atlantic Ocean for: food; climate change risks adaptation; energy resources; clean water; maritime security; ports and international trade; tele-communications infrastructure (undersea cables); and tourism.Canada and West African nations have a common interest in mitigating pressures on the ocean environment and the development of sustainable livelihoods. Canada has strong connections to West Africa, through membership of the Commonwealth and La Francophonie and because West Africa is an important source for new immigrants. In November 2018, at Nairobi, Canada committed to work with African nations and Small Island Developing States to promote a sustainable Blue Economy in support of UN Sustainable Development Goal 14 which is to:

“Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development”


Our Vision

“A Pan-Atlantic network of individuals from businesses, academia, and government, that share ocean-relevant knowledge, skills and resources to support collaborative and regional initiatives that create sustainable and equitable livelihoods.”

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